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Wednesday, June 8

On Becoming the 'GoTo' Guy

Become the 'GoTo' Guy

For years we’ve been taught to identify ourselves as reps for one XYZ company or another.

  • We have our fancy business cards printed, some letterhead, maybe an address stamp.
  • We use the company logo and replicated websites as points of first impression.

  • We market ourselves as being associated with that company with abandon … heck, we even have the T-shirts to prove it!

Sounds okay on the surface, right?

Not right.

Think Like the CEO That You Are

Dedicating your personal image might be okay (or even required!) when you’re on salary with some company. After all, when you trade your time for money, they do get to call the shots when you’re on the clock, don’t they.

Sometimes a job can even have a say in how you’re dressing or acting in your off hours … all too common.

But what I don’t get is why people, who join Network Marketing companies as independent distributors, feel the need to associate their very being as an XYZ distributor.

Why the rush to be labeled as a part of that company?!
Are we not CEOs and chief bottle washers of our own businesses?

If you think about it, it’s really only to the company’s benefit for you to parade around in company promotional garb and paying for your own ‘official’ business documents to be printed.

Learn to Brand Yourself

Become the ‘GoTo’ guy for your chosen product or service type.

  • Promote an image of expertise in a field rather than just another distributor among many.
  • Don’t marry yourself to any one company … leave your options open.
  • Make every marketing effort that you put forth something that you can benefit from for a lifetime.

By branding yourself, you build that needed ‘know, like and trust’ that makes sales easiest. You become associated in the minds of the people you are working with as THE person to go to when they’re wanting what you’ve got.

To your success!

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Herb said...

Sounds familiar Andrea.......

Great JOB!

PS...did you say that it is ok 2B a rep for more than 1 CO? :o)...there4 it must be ok to tn, eh?

later, turbo, herbal, herb